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Frequently Asked Questions

Check-in policy

What is the hotel’s check-in time policy?

  • Anytime after 3pm

Credit/debit card policy

What is the hotel’s policy on credit and debit cards?

  • We only accept and authorize major brand (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) credit or debit cards for the full amount plus incidentals at check in. Cash is ONLY accepted at check out. Gift Cards are not accepted at all.

Check In/Check Out times

What time is check-in & check out at the hotel?

  • Check-In is 3pm. // Check Out is 12pm

Early Arrival / Late Departure Policy

What is the hotel’s early arrival & late departure policy?

  • We are always happy to grant complimentary early check-in IF when the guest arrives the room happens to be ready. HOWEVER, to guarantee an early check in, this can only be guaranteed at the hotel’s discretion 24 hours prior to check in for an additional $50 a guest may be able to check in as early as 1PM. To completely guarantee an early check in at the time of booking, we recommend the guests book the night prior and we can pre-register their reservation thus guaranteeing their room for an early check in regardless of what time they arrive. For check out, 12:30 is compliemntary, every additional half four is $50+

Age Restriction

What is the minimum age to check-in at the hotel?

  • 18 years old



Cancellation Policy

What is the hotel’s cancellation and refund policy?

  • 48 hour cancellation policy

Smoking Policy

Does the hotel have a non-smoking policy?

  • Yes, the hotel is 100% non-smoking




Where is the hotel located in New York City?

  • 190 Allen St. (on Allen between Houston and Stanton). In Lower East Side

Valet parking

Does the hotel offer valet parking?

  • Yes, Valet is $70+ for all cars, over-over sized (van or pick up truck) is $85+

Airport Shuttle

Does the hotel offer shuttle service to the airport?

  • No, we can call a cab or car service for you



Fitness Center

Does the hotel have a gym & fitness center?

  • Yes, it does

Luggage storage

Is there storage for luggage in the hotel while I to check-in?

  • Yes, there is
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